Our TED Talk: Body Positivity or Body Obsession? Just how to See More and Be More


In September 2017, Beauty Redefined Co-director Dr. Lindsay Kite offered a TEDx talk at Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City, Utah. This 16-minute talk summarizes nine years of body photo research study and personal enthusiasm for advertising enhanced understanding of the value of favorable body picture. With ideal images by Michelle Christensen, this talk walks audiences via Lindsay’s individual and expert evolution regarding what it suggests to have favorable body photo and just how ladies as well as ladies can better recognize as well as advertising it. Lindsay outlines her and Lexie’s academic model for attaining body image durability, where women pick three feasible paths in reaction to body picture disturbances. By discovering how to see much more in our media and also social messages, everybody around us, and particularly in ourselves, this talk paves the course for females to see more as well as being greater than bodies to be checked out, reviewed and taken in. Our favored passages are described below with time stamps.

2:15– Over the last 15 years approximately, lots of well-meaning individuals and companies have attempted to boost ladies’s body picture by pressing this message, “All women are lovely– problems and also all!” This is a really nice message, however it is not fixing the problem. Women and also women aren’t only experiencing as a result of the unattainable ways appeal is being defined, they’re suffering since they are being specified by elegance. They are bodies first as well as individuals 2nd.

5:09– Adverse body images and also self-objectification work together. Virtually 3/4 of the women in our dissertation research studies really felt really negatively towards their bodies. As well as almost all of them were self-objectifying. That was specifically recognizable in the way they responded to the first question I asked: “How do you feel concerning your body?”

6:28– Just like we need to redefine beauty in manner ins which are much better for our wellness, we require redefining health and wellness in manner ins which have nothing to do with elegance.

8:10– In our research studies, Lexie as well as I were interested to see that most of the ladies who felt great regarding their bodies additionally described unpleasant experiences that had stimulated or multiplied their body pity eventually. Their experiences directed us to a confident process and also a theoretical design called body picture durability. Through this procedure, some women grow stronger and also like their bodies not just in spite of the discomfort they experience, however as a result of what they find out through that discomfort.

10:52– Considering that body embarassment as well as look fixation are the standard for numerous people, we might not even identify when we’re reacting to those issues. Penetrating embarassment and also clinging to our uncomfortable convenience zones could simply be our defaults, not intentional selections. But regardless of how many times you’ve found yourself on these 2 courses, it is constantly possible to acknowledge your disturbances and respond to them in a much better method.

14:50– I saw that I had actually been stuck in an endless loophole of trying to repair my body that never required to be taken care of, in order to do something I never quit having the ability to do. I was still a swimmer. Any kind of anxiety about what I resembled that day disappeared, because I was ultimately using my body as an instrument instead of checking out it as an accessory.

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