Not Photo Perfect? Recover from a Body Picture Impact

1 New Notification: [A person] added a photo of you. Oh, wow. It’s bad. It’s so bad. Whatever the reason– bad angle, uncomplimentary setting, unusual filter, goggle eye, whatever. You DESPISE it. We have actually all experienced this one method or one more. Otherwise after being marked in a pic on Facebook, Instagram, or a […]


Searching for Scraps of Power, One Swimsuit Picture at once

The most-liked pictures of ladies on Instagram are the body-baring ones. When way of living blog owners upload laid-back bikini images of themselves before a cool block wall surface– looking off to the side, toes transformed internal, hips pressed back to subtly highlight a “thigh void”; when Instagrammers smile at the cam in their undergarments, […]


Our TED Talk: Body Positivity or Body Obsession? Just how to See More and Be More

In September 2017, Beauty Redefined Co-director Dr. Lindsay Kite offered a TEDx talk at Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City, Utah. This 16-minute talk summarizes nine years of body photo research study and personal enthusiasm for advertising enhanced understanding of the value of favorable body picture. With ideal images by Michelle Christensen, this talk walks […]


The Bikini Tyranny of Body Positivity

How did using a bikini come to be the gold criterion for showing body positivity? Yes, everybody is a swimsuit body if that’s what you really want to use but why are two-piece swimwear (as well as publishing photos of ourselves in them on the internet) now the utmost signifier of women’s confidence? Why having […]


Raising Girls with Better Body Picture: FAQs

Several of the most frequent questions we’re inquiring about body image focus on mentor as well as elevating girls. The reasons why are evident: It is incredibly tough to reside in a female body, let alone raise ladies growing up in this extremely objectifying globe. Much frequently, ladies grow up being educated that they are […]


Exactly how I’m Winning the Body-After-Baby Battle

My impressive baby girl, Logan, turned one today. Having actually been fed a long-lasting diet plan of just how embarrassing “bodies after babies” are and just how essential it is to “get your body back” after birth, I was not delighted regarding living a life with a post-baby bod. Regardless of my last one decade […]



Body picture is defined as one’s thoughts, assumptions, and mindsets regarding their physical look. Just how do you see on your own as well as feel about your body (e.g., height, shape, as well as weights) when you look in the mirror? Favorable body photo is a clear, real assumption of your form; seeing the […]


4 Ways to Enhance Our Partnership with Our Bodies

Our culture’s tyrannizing preference for slim bodies can ruin a workout as a way to really feel excellent psychologically and also connect favorably with our physicality. For much of us, the focus on transforming the way our bodies look has actually drained workout of its satisfaction– when we divorce workout from the goal of fat […]


Craving the Perfect Butt

This month, we have heard media records that a second British lady had died following ‘Brazilian butt lift’ surgical procedure. The wish for a larger butt is growing and the number of internationally reported butt implants climbed in between 2000 as well as 2015 by over 250% (Perfect Me, p. 85). While information on cosmetic […]


4 Mantras to Boost Body Picture

With our culture’s hazardous concentrate on physical look as well as the non-stop battery of beauty-related advertising we’re struck with everyday, it can be tough to keep a healthy body image. Every person has existed. A fast look in the mirror can develop into an extended move-session. Along with making you feel horrible, when you […]